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Dames at Sea at Plant City Entertainment, Inc


11/15/2019 - 11/24/2019


Plant City Entertainment, Inc

101 N. Thomas St.
Plant City,FL 33563
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Phone: 8137520728

Dames at Sea in Tampa

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A light, bright, and hilariously tuneful homage to the glamorous and hopeful movie musicals of the 1930s. The sweet and salty script, full of wisecracks and vintage slang, is by George Haimsohn and Robin Miller and features music by Jim Wise.It's big-time New York, into which sweet little Ruby from faraway Hometown, U.S.A. has come to make it big on Broadway. Who should she chance to meet but another boy from Hometown, U.S.A.: Dick, a sailor, who also has ambitions as a songwriter. Ruby begins in the chorus, and by the end of the day, in true Hollywood fashion, Dick saves her doomed Broadway show with a smash tune, as Ruby becomes a star on the deck of a battleship, which just happens to be passing by.

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