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Broadway Plays - What's Playing on Broadway?

Browse All of the Plays on Broadway With Our Guide to Dramas, Comedies, Classics and New Plays

Check out our full listings of Broadway plays including how to get tickets. Explore what plays are on Broadway and what new shows are coming to Broadway in 2022, 2023 and beyond. Get your Broadway tickets today!

Upcoming Broadway Plays

A Doll's House 2/13/23 3/9/23 BUY TICKETS
Life of Pi 3/9/23 3/30/23 BUY TICKETS
Peter Pan Goes Wrong 3/17/23 4/19/23 BUY TICKETS
Fat Ham 3/21/23 4/12/23 BUY TICKETS
The Thanksgiving Play 3/23/23 4/20/23 BUY TICKETS
Room 4/3/23 4/17/23 BUY TICKETS
Summer, 1976 4/4/23 4/25/23 BUY TICKETS
Good Night, Oscar 4/7/23 4/24/23 BUY TICKETS
Prima Facie 4/11/23 4/23/23 BUY TICKETS
Jaja's African Hair Braiding 1/29/23 12/31/23 Not Yet Avail
The Mousetrap 1/29/23 12/31/23 BUY TICKETS