Robin Hood Production Information


January 01, 1893

Opening Info:unknown
Run Type:Unknown
Market:New York


Other Productions of Robin Hood

1891   West End Original London Production
West End
1891   Broadway Original Broadway Production
1891   Broadway Broadway Production
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1932   Broadway Broadway Revival
1942   Milburn, NJ (Regional) Paper Mill Production
Milburn, NJ (Regional)
1944   New York Unknown
New York
1944   Broadway Broadway Revival
1982   Off-Off-Broadway Off-Off-Broadway Revival


Audio Recordings

1919  Broadway Revival Cast

Show Information

SHOW TYPE: Musical


  • Maid Marian (London title)
  • Robin Hood

Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

Hol-la! Hol-la! Hol-la!
'Tis the Morning of the Fair
a.k.a. Come to the Fair
In Sherwood Forest [i]
Morris Dance
a.k.a. Maypole Dance
Auctioneer's Song
a.k.a. As an Honest Auctioneer
Milkmaid's Song
Come the Bowmen in Lincoln Green
Then Hey! for the Merry Greenwood
Sir Cavalier, You're Welcome Here
a.k.a. All Is Fair in Love or War
Though It Was Within This Hour We Met
Come Dream So Bright
a.k.a. My Dream Has Come True
I Am the Sheriff of Nottingham
When a Peer Makes Love to a Damsel Fair
Tho' Like a Peer I've Stood and Acted
a.k.a. Those Are the Means That the Maids Employ
Sweetheart, My Own Sweetheart
What Ho! What Ho! Within There
An Outlaw's Life's the Life for Me
a.k.a. An Outlaw's Life for Me
Come Away to the Woods
Cheerily Sound the Hunter's Horn
a.k.a. A-Hunting We'll Go
It Takes Nine Tailors to Make a Man
a.k.a. The Tailor and the Crow
a.k.a. The Crow Song
a.k.a. Song of the Black Crow
Song of Brown October Ale
a.k.a. Brown October Ale
Oh Promise Me [i]
a.k.a. Oh Promise Me [ii]
a.k.a. O Promise Me
Tinker's Song
a.k.a. Tinker's Chorus
Oh, See the Lambkins Play
When Lads Have Drunk Enough
Ho! Then for Jollity
a.k.a. Ho! Ho! for Jollity
Forest Song
a.k.a. Ye Birds in Azure Winging
a.k.a. A Troubadour Sang to His Love
Revenge Is Mine
a.k.a. Ah, I Do Love You
Let Us Put Him in the Stocks
In Sherwood Forest [ii]
All Is Lost
Sing Hey for the Gallows Tree
Marion Must Be My Wife
Nothing Shall Part My Love from Me
Naught Shall Ever Part Us
a.k.a. Hope's Bright Star
Armourer's Song
a.k.a. Armorer's Song
When a Maiden Weds
The Legend of the Chimes
There Will Come a Time
a.k.a. Nothing in Life My Love
When Life Seems Made of Pains and Pangs
a.k.a. Life Is Short, Let Life Be Gay
Country Dance
Now Let Each Bonny Bridegroom Take His Bonny Bride
a.k.a. We'll Wed Indeed
Love, Now We Nevermore Will Part
Farewell to Old Sherwood

Added to subsequent productions

Hunt Ballet
a.k.a. Sherwood Forest Ballet