Theatre Information

Norma Terris Theatre (Chester, CT, )
North Main Street
Chester, CT,

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Just So Production Information


November 05, 1998

Theatres: Norma Terris Theatre (Chester, CT, )
11/5/1998 - 11/5/1998

Production Type:Revival
Production Status:
Run Type:Limited Run
Market:Chester, CT (Regional)

Other Productions of Just So

1990   London Fringe Original London Production
London Fringe
1998   Chester, CT (Regional) US Premiere
Chester, CT (Regional)
2005   Chichester Festival Production



Show Information

SHOW TYPE: Musical

Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

Something Must Be Done
Just So
Silly Questions
Could I Be the Someone?
The Parsee's Welcome
Thick Skin
a.k.a. I'm Glad I've Got Think Skin
The Cake Song
Struck to the Core
On the Veldt
We Want to Take the Ladies Out
Jungle Light
Putting on Appearances
There's No Harm in Asking
The Limpopo
a.k.a. The Limpopo River
A Beautiful Marsupial
Leaps and Bounds
Wait a Bit
Put Yourself in Her Shoes
Coming Up to Scratch
Please Don't Touch My Stove
Face Up to the Problem
Does the Moment Ever Come?
Little One Come Hither
Out There

Cut prior to London opening

Someone Knows
Could I Be the Person
An Altogethera Uninhabited Island
Purrfect Partners
Cryptic Information
At the Jungle
Ethiopian and Leopard at the Jungle
Somethings Never Change
The Elephant Child's Nightmare
The Elephant Child's Awakening
All Pull Together
The Appeal