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Morosco Theatre (New York, NY)
217 West 45th Street

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Chri is a fun, surprising and deeply sad love triangle that discusses aging and disadvantages, unconventional love, power relations between the sexes and contemporary youth fixation.

The play is set in 1920s Paris. The champagne is flowing, the people are beautiful and everything is for sale. The successful courtesan La will fill fifty and struggles stubbornly to his aging. And Chri, her twenty-five year-old protege and lover, do not care a thing about the future. He thrives in their luxurious velvet decorated bubble, where La teaches everything she can. But when Cheri's real mother decides that it is time for him to marry the young Edme and finally become an adult will actually catch up with both La and Chri. Was their relationship as easygoing as they thought? Can they really live without each other?

1950 filmed dramatization of Chri for the first time at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. When did No Tidblad role of La and Mimi Pollak directed. This time, makes Lena Endre role of La and Hamadi Khemiri plays her young lover Chri.

Colette (Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, 1873-1954) was at the time something of a scandal author and supported luminaries. Not just her lyrics, which are often treated women's choices and sexuality, was provocative. While her private life in Paris entertainment world attracted attention.

Jenny Andreasson was previously at the Royal Dramatic directed Thieves by Dea ​​Loher and Castles in Sweden by Franoise Sagan. The latter was a huge success, and now, she is thus an another scandal omsusad French writer.

Starring Lena Endre, Hamadi Khemiri, Rikard Wolff, Andreas Rothlin Svensson, Mattias Silvell, Malin Ek, Nina Zanjani, Lotta Tejle, Lil Terselius, Hulda Lind Jhannsdttir etc.