Peter Pan Broadway

by Pati Buehler - Oct 28, 2003
by Pati Buehler - Mar 12, 2004
There were some wonderful offerings on the stages of Philadelphia and South Jersey last year and this year is proving to be another exciting year for some of Broadway's favorites. Some shows are hot off the Great White Way, while others are fresh new revivals or solid standing favorites. A few shows and events are exciting new premiers that the Philly area theater crowd always welcomes with open arms.
by Craig Brockman - Jun 15, 2003
I recently had the chance to sit down with Bruce Kimmel and ask him a plethora of questions. Bruce is used to putting others in the proverbial hot seat on his website - but as they say...turnabout is fair play!
by Adrienne Onofri - Jul 14, 2003
Since I live in New York City, I usually don't take a 'theater vacation'-you know, the eight-shows-a-week type of trip to New York or London. Even when I go to London, theater is just one of the activities on my itinerary. But the last three summers, I have found myself in a summer theater destination and have been appreciating more and more the joy of taking my No. 1 pastime on the road.
by Craig Brockman - Apr 25, 2004
While one show on Broadway laments what ever happened to class, another three blocks away answers the question. You'd be hard-pressed to find a classier woman on Broadway nowadays than Beth Fowler, currently in The Boy From Oz.