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2/1/2013 - 2/9/2013

LYNDEN, WA 98264

HONK! in Seattle

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In the London season featuring the appearance of THE LION KING, HONK! became a stand-out by winning the 2000 Olivier Award (the British equivalent of the Tony® Award) for Best New Musical.

Written by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe (dubbed ?The brightest hopes for the future of the British musical? by The London Daily Telegraph), HONK! is the story of Ugly, whose odd, gawky looks instantly incite prejudice from his family and neighbors. Separated from the farm and pursued by a hungry Cat, Ugly must find his way home. Along his rollicking and harrowing journey he not only discovers his true beauty and glorious destiny, but also finds love and acceptance in all its forms.

Witty and hilarious, but also deeply moving, HONK! will treat your audiences to equal amounts of laughter and tears. Perfect for a cast as small as ten or as large as 30 (or more), HONK! can be performed with simple sets and costumes. No feathers or fur necessary! Its charm, humor and message of tolerance is perfect for a family audience? and every audience.

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