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Comedy of Errors at Karen Hille Phillips


10/31/2019 - 11/3/2019


Karen Hille Phillips

12180 Park Ave S.
Tacoma,WA 98447

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Phone: 2535357772

Comedy of Errors in Seattle

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Two sets of long-lost twins end up in the same town unbeknownst to each other and hilarity ensues!
Two sets of identical twins are accidentally separated at birth. That's the comic spark that ignites Shakespeare's funniest and wildest comedy. When the sets of twins are unknowingly reunited in the same town, hilarity, mayhem and even romance ensue - all depicted as only Shakespeare can with brilliantly witty word-play and exquisite poetry in this physical, fast-paced and sexy episode of mistaken identity.

Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse find themselves in Ephesus where, unknown to them, their twin brothers (with the same names) reside. Complete comic anarchy is immediately unleashed when each pair is mistaken for the other and they are bombarded with accusations of infidelity, betrayal and more. When romance, money, jewelry and even courtesans are thrown into the mix, this comically out of control situation will need to be dealt with by the King and Queen.

Ages: Mature Audiences

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