Fundraising: 'Four Nights in Knaresborough'

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Hey everybody,

First time Seattle producer here trying to put up a laugh out loud dark comedy about murder, pentinence, sex, cabin fever, and all sorts of unhappy things in the medieval age. The play is called 'Four Nights in Knaresborough', and it's written by British author Paul Webb.

When four knights murder the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1072, they're forced to flee to the dingiest hole of a castle in the most backwards part of Yorkshire, only to find themselves excommunicated and under house arrest. Will they find redemption? Will they kill each other first? Will the peasants kill them? There's only one way to find out!

Seriously, though, this is a big show production-wise in terms of costume requirements, needing a fight director, and so on, and we could use all the help possible. One of our biggest goals is to make sure everybody involved gets paid and nobody goes into debt over the show: rents need to be paid, costumes and armour rented, lights hung, actors fed, all those good things. We all know people who've done too many shows on profit share only to find out there's no profit to share, and we're fed up with it. It's all or nothing here: everybody gets paid or there's no show, so please, consider throwing a few coins our way.

More info at the link below, feel free to post questions here or on the site. Thank you all for your interest and patronage.
Kickstarter: 'Four Nights in Knaresborough' in Seattle