5th Avenue Theater's 2012-2013 season

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5th Avenue Theater's 2012-2013 season#1
Posted: 3/5/12 at 4:28am
Got back from the upcoming Season Spotlight Night for the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle (they announce the shows and perform one number from it). Fairly interesting season coming up there.

Memphis (Sept 18 - Oct 17): a homecoming for the show, since the 5th was the last place to do the show before Broadway. Though last season, they said that they were asked about this show a lot, and they told us that we would be near the end of the touring run, so I wonder if the tour could be ending already? And for our Spotlight, we had West Seattle native Chad Kimball come and sing "Memphis Lives In Me", and he sounded in pretty good voice for this song.

The Addams Family (Oct. 24-Nov. 11): I kinda thought this tour would go into the larger Paramount Theater, so it was a surprise for me. Interesting that they got the tour for around Halloween time.

Elf (Nov. 30-Dec. 31): A new regional staging of this musical. David Armstrong of the 5th said that they were the first regional theater to be granted rights for this show after the Broadway premiere.

The Music Man (Feb. 7-March 10): Every season, the 5th produces one "Golden Age" musical, and this is it. I have yet to see any production of this show (nor either movie version), so I guess I'm OK with this selection, though it does seem rather safe.

Grey Gardens (March 16-May 26, at the ACT): The 5th have been co-producing one show a season with our local ACT Theater, and they've been mounting smaller (off-Broadway) style shows there. I guess this really makes up for the safe choice of "The Music Man", and I was the most excited about this show (when they announced this, I was the first person to start clapping (and loudly), while there was tepid applause around the rest of the house. sad, but not unexpected). I'm excited because I thought I would never get around to seeing a production of this show.

Jersey Boys (April 4-May 11): I never got to see the tour of this the first time it came around (it sold out all 6 weeks it was here), so I guess I'll get a chance to see this now. Chad Kimball did end up performing a song from this show. This time he sang "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" and ends up fumbling on a few of the lyrics, and injecting a few of his signature "Hueyisms" into his performance.

Pirates of the Penzance (July 11-Aug. 4): An interesting choice to close out the season.

I was a little surprised at the choice of "Grey Gardens". I'm also a little surprised because the 5th Ave usually shares a show with the Papermill Playhouse (they shared sets with them for "On The Town" and I think "Damn Yankees" this season), but nothing this upcoming season (I was kinda hoping "The Little Mermaid" would make it over for some reason).

Now I just have to wait for the Paramount Theater to announce their season (only "War Horse" has been announced so far). The Paramount is just a touring house, so I'm hoping some of the other tours going around make it there (would love to see the tour for "La Cage" and "Fela!" come here, though I don't have too much hope for "Fela!" to make it here.)
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5th Avenue Theater's 2012-2013 season #2
Posted: 3/5/12 at 11:01pm
I don't know if I'd go so far as to say interesting, but definitely the sorts of things that will sell to the ageing subscribers: nothing risky, new or shocking here. Memphis/JBoys have been around the block here before (is there really still an audience for the former?), and Addams Family and Elf are little more than amusing mediocrities. The two classics will be solid, at least, and Grey Gardens will appeal to the ACT attendee base.

It's a pity that Book of Mormon won't be coming in, though maybe at the Paramount? War Horse is a winner (saw it during the first UK run at the NT and will gladly go again despite how awkward it'll be on a prosc arch), but the classics are the only thing to get more than a jaw-breaking yawn from me at the 5th, which is really sad - both that I've become so jaded and that the 5th aren't having a new tryout or anything that qualifies as challenging or exciting on the main stage. Still, blue hairs and boeing bucks pay the bills, so safe entertainments it is.

For other hopes at the Paramount, I saw the current La Cage enough in London that I'd only catch the tour on discount (it's very good but I'm in no rush to revisit, same with JBoys really), and loathed Fela so could happily ignore it. Much as it pains me to say, I'd rather see the new tour staging of Phantom than most of what's on the road at the moment - perhaps an aftereffect of catching the screening of Love Never Dies.