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Hell at San Luis Obispo Repertory Theatre


6/7/2019 - 6/30/2019


San Luis Obispo Repertory Theatre

888 Morro Street

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You were warned. You have not been wise to purgatory, you will go to hell. A hell paved with intentions funny since it is in the second table of the trilogy of Dominique Bréda, the first 'purgatory' redemptive success. In general, it is said that hell is worse than purgatory. Us, one wonders if this is not the opposite. Still more explosive, more cruel, more abrasive... In short, even funnier, with this succession of short scenes which will we take crescendo to the worst and make us laugh all that should make us cry. Hell wants to make fun of us? We will survive in us poking fun of hell. Dress light, it will be very hot in the room.

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