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Riders to the Sea & The Deserted Island (L' Isola Disabitata)

2/7/2013 - 2/17/2013
Sonoma State University, Evert B. Person Theatre
1801 E. Cotati Ave.
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Phone: 707-664-2353

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A co-production of the Departments of Music and Theatre Arts & Dance.
Music Director – Lynne Morrow / Stage Director – Danielle Cain

The sea takes everything.

"Riders to the Sea" delves into the world of a traditional Irish fishing village that lives and dies by the sea. Maurya is the mother of a family whose many sons have been claimed by the waves. Can she save her remaining son? A stirring tale made beautiful and atmospheric through the evocative melodic gifts of Ralph Vaughan Williams.

"The Deserted Island" tells the tale of two girls stranded a strange island. When a ship lands, they are conflicted: Should they stay far away from the injurious world of men, or embrace the possibility of desire and love. Haydn’s music is sublime, from the overture that contrasts dark and light themes, to sumptuous arias and the magnificent concluding ensemble. Tickets are $10 to $17. Sonoma State University students are admitted free for all performances. Presented in Evert B. Person Theatre.

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