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Celtic Nights at Majestic Theatre




Majestic Theatre

115 SW 2nd Street
San Antonio,TX TX 78205

Tickets Info

$29.00 - $110.00
Phone: 210.226.3333

Celtic Nights in San Antonio

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In this glittering production, Ireland’s most accomplished dancers, finest voices and best instrumentalists present a spell-binding and exhilarating picture of a proud people and their passion.

Drawn from the history and folklore of Ireland and her Celtic cousins, Celtic Nights will bring the audience on a journey of a people leaving and arriving, their lives spent in a world of ships, trains and planes, coaches and horses, on foot; coming and going.

The show Celtic Nights will bring us, every eight minutes, to a different place, filling us with laughter, sadness and pleasure through music, song, dance and storytelling with pride. The audience will become a part of the story as even those who can’t sing will want to join in and leave the theatre with ears ringing to the sounds of Celtic Music old and new.

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