Introducing BWW Geeks World!

by Robert Diamond

Back in November of 2012, we added 10 new web sites to the BWW family, covering TV, Movies, Fashion, Music, Dance, Opera, Classical Music, Comedy, Visual Arts and Books. I'm excited to report that all 10 are off to fantastic starts, each currently being staffed up with their own editorial teams that are as passionate about those areas of entertainment as we are about theatre here. 

I've always been a (happily) self-proclaimed geek myself, always with a dual passion for theatre and technology (thus,  As the new sites ramped up with content, and traffic, it quickly became evident that we had room for 1 more BWW site.

Today we've officially launched BWW Geeks World, timed to the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas, for which our new geek gurus are covering left, right and center with hundreds of articles about the newest in consumer tech. 

The new site will cover the geeky end of home entertainment, mobile, social media and more -- basically featuring all of the many devices and services on which our readers will be consuming entertainment over the years to come. We launched the other sites because the world of theatre continues to open up and to intersect with other areas of the arts. Today, as we're seeing more productions filmed, more technology making its way to the stage - well, it's another perfect fit. 

If you're a fan of technology, I'd like to personally invite you to also check out the new BWW Geeks World here, otherwise, stay tuned for a SLEW of very exciting BroadwayWorld additions and upgrades that are being cooked up here in the virtual kitchen as I type. The Spring is shaping up to be a great theatre season and our continued, unmatched coverage is full steam ahead!

Happy 2013!

The 2001 Syracuse University graduate (School of Information Studies) is also the owner of Wisdom Digital Media, an award-winning leading design company for entertainment and technology web sites. In his previous life, he held an executive position for the world's leading publisher of technology magazines, web sites and conferences and, as a result, was named among the "Top thirty magazine industry executives under the age of 30" by FOLIO Magazine. Robert Diamond founded in 2003, which has now become the largest theatre web site in the world. He also serves as the site's Editor-in-Chief, covering Broadway and beyond, with specific local coverage for 100 cities in the United States, 35 countries worldwide and 10 other related areas of entertainment - including dance, opera, concerts, comedy, films, television and more.