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BWW Blog: HOW TO SUCCEED at SDOHS Soars Into Second Week of Rehearsals

BWW Blog: HOW TO SUCCEED at SDOHS Soars Into Second Week of Rehearsals

As Sandra Day O'Connor wraps up it's second week of rehearsals for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, rehearsal progress is intensifying and the shows are less than a month away. How to Succeed plays on July 7th and 8th at 2:30pm at Sandra Day O'Connor High School in Phoenix, Arizona; ticket prices are yet to be announced.

O'Connor Alumni Nicole Roush decided to return to the school for the summer intensive, and is already "having so much fun with this show". She predicts that How to Succeed "will be one of the best summer shows I've ever done".

Several cast members had input on the ups and downs of the week, and everyone seems to be looking in a positive direction! Senior HaiLee Mills contributed by saying that "this week, we started getting dancing and blocking done. It has been a lot of fun working with and getting to know the cast".

Senior Serenity Mitchell added that one of the highlights of the week was that almost all of the songs in the entire show have been learned, and few remain!

Alumni Nicole Roush attributed some of the week's success to warming up and working hard! "The "pros" were definitely doing the warm up dances after stretching, it really pumped us up for all of the dancing that we do. We also have been working a lot on the music, and all of the harmonies are sounding amazing! For me, the only cons are being a bit sore after the dances".

Junior Cat Birkenfeld said that the cast's director, Miss F, "is doing an amazing job incorporating everyone into the show and making sure that each individual has a moment to shine onstage!"

Most of the week's accomplishment relate to the dance aspect of the show, most of which is in the process of being choreographed! The cast is especially proud that this week they finished Coffee Break, which according to Nicole Roush, "is the biggest dance number in the show. It is going to look really great and it definitely is a really fun dance!"

Several other numbers have also been choreographed, such as Company Way and the opening number, however, the cast keeps the other songs fresh in their memory by singing through those that haven't been choreographed or blocked yet.

Senior Serenity Mitchell loves choreography sessions, especially Coffee Break. "I get to cha cha with my co-president (of O'Connor's Drama Club), Riley Clark! It's going to be so much fun!"

As for character development, Nicole Roush has been studying her character in depth. She says, "I'm still trying to figure out my character, I'm playing Miss Krumholtz and she is head of the secretaries so I want to play her as more mature".

Serenity Mitchell tried a well-known and clever technique of using a character biography onstage to stay in-tune with her character and her traits at all times. On the other hand, Cat Birkenfeld has been developing her character by trying out different personality traits and using which ones she felt were best! She also used techniques that she learned throughout the year in O'Connor's theatre class to add to her character.

If you enjoyed hearing about the cast of How to Succeed's second week in action, just wait until they get closer to showtime! Stay tuned on for weekly updates on the show and the people in it.

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