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Hecate at Subiaco Arts Centre


2/5/2020 - 2/16/2020


Subiaco Arts Centre

180 Hamersley Road
Subiaco,Western Australia WA 6008

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Phone: +61 8 9380 3000

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"Great business must be wrought ‘ere … boodjar baal waaliny."

Hecate, queen of the witches, is usually omitted from productions of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Here, she is at the heart of everything, watching as Macbeth strives toward power at any cost, all the while knowing that order must be restored; that Country always trumps human ambition and greed.

In 1833 colonist Robert Menli Lyon wrote in reference to Noongar people that ‘the whole of each tribe are bards’. This world premiere event puts those words to the test. Having spent years studying and reclaiming their endangered Noongar language, a star ensemble use this audacious adaptation as a springboard to showcase its poetic and expressive qualities.

Subiaco Arts Centre Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is Subiaco Arts Centre located?
Subiaco Arts Centre is at 180 Hamersley Road, Subiaco, Western Australia.

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