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Michael Goetz


Sean Harkness & Michael Goetz

Photo Coverage: Celia Berk Plays The Metropolitan Room
The Metropolitan Room became one of those Art Deco Night Clubs in a1940 Black & White Movie last night. Harking back to the days when the girl singers had that luscious, sensual, understated, but spectacular voices and musicianship that made every person in the room fall in love with them. Although I have ears that sometimes show signs of wear and tear from a lifetime of hearing a lot of stuff, Celia's ability to annunciate and melodically roll out lyrics had me hearing vowels and consonants I usually miss in a crowded noisy cabaret. Come to think of it, the Metropolitan Room had the quietness of a recording studio as the very musically sophisticated audience was held in rapt attention by Celia's artistry. I would be enamored with any song she wrapped her voice around, but her unique song selection made the evening especially compelling. How fitting it was the Stacy Sullivan and Joanne Tatham were in the audience. Two singers that represent that same kind of sexy, restrained and understated musical excellence that Celia Berk possesses. It was also ironic that the title song of the show ( You Can't Rush Spring) was written by another of my favorite ladies - Ann Hampton Callaway.

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