Birth Place: Okinawa, JAPAN
Gender: Female


Michael McElroy, Gwen Stewart, Nicolette Hart, Yuka Takara, Anthony Rapp, Justin Johnston, Haneefah Wood, Caren Lyn Manuel, Toby Blackwell, Telly Leung and Andy Senor

Photo Flash: RENT On Tour 2009
The new national tour of RENT kicked off on January 6, 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio and runs through August 30, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. RENT stars Anthony Rapp as Mark Cohen, Adam Pascal as Roger Davies, Justin Johnston as Angel Schunard, Nicolette Hart as Maureen Johnson, Lexi Lawson as Mimi Marquez, Michael McElroy as Tom Collins, Jacques C. Smith as Benjamin Coffin III and Haneefah Wood as Joanne Jefferson, with Karmine Alers, Toby Blackwell, Adam Halpin, Trisha Jeffrey, Telly Leung, Caren Lyn Manuel, Jed Resnick, Andy Senor, Yuka Takara and John Watson.

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