JoAnn Montemurro (Mrs. Wire), Eliza Stoughton (Jane), Ty Olwin (The Writer), Kristin Collins (Mary Maude), Sandra Watson (Nursie), Will Casey (Nightingale), and Debra Rodkin (Carrie)

Photo Flash: First Look at Raven Theatre's VIEUX CARRE
Raven's revival of this later play by Tennessee Williams that was 'rediscovered' in acclaimed productions in London and New York is autobiographical play that Williams first began writing around the time he started The Glass Menagerie. It concerns a young writer who in 1938 moves to a ramshackle French Quarter rooming house that's home to an assortment of desperate and eccentric characters. The New York Times said Vieux Carre is, along with The Glass Menagerie, Williams' other autobiographical memory play, one of two 'critical bookends' to Williams' career. Scroll down to see some pictures of the cast in action!

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