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Jim O'Brien

Jim O'Brien Headshot

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Madeleine Lambert and Jim O''Brien

Photo Flash: First Look at Madeleine Lambert and Jim O'Brien in The Gamm's BLACKBIRD
The Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre presents Blackbird by David Harrower and directed by Tony Estrella. It stars Madeleine Lambert and Jim O'Brien and runs from May 1 to June 1. Tickets are available here. Scottish playwright David Harrower's most acclaimed and most controversial play, Blackbird 'is theater at its most elemental,' says The New York Times. In a littered factory break room, 55-year-old Ray and 27-year-old Una engage in a confrontation so real and raw that you feel you should look away. But how can you? Fifteen years earlier, the two had a sexual affair...when she was 12. Ray has assumed a new identity and a new life following his imprisonment, while Una has not stopped searching for answers to her conflicting emotions. What emerges from the recriminations and explanations is a complex relationship that blurs the boundaries between love and lust, obsession and abuse. Uncompromising, shocking and surprisingly tender, Blackbirdwill leave you hanging on every word and every uncomfortable silence. For mature audiences only.

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