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@XtinaBianco1 - 1/19/19 06:16pm The big question I have for folks in any new city I play... Is there a decent coffee shop open on Sunday? Follow up… https://

@XtinaBianco1 - 1/18/19 08:01pm Ladies & gents, she’s Alive! I’m finally fully on schedule in this new time zone - so make way for diva impression… https://

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Photo Flash: Christina Bianco Visits BROADWAY AT BIRDLAND
Christina Bianco is truly the girl with a thousand voices! She proved it on Monday night during her Birthday Bash at Birdland - which was a jam-packed, super-fun extravaganza! Divas like Celine, Idina, Bernadette, Adele, even Drew Barrymore were represented by the Big Voice of Bianco - and happily, her own sound was an important part of the evening! Accompanied by Brad Simmons, there were songs by John Bucchino and Bobby & Kristen Anderson Lopez, special guests (Michael West, Tamara Paulino, Jessica Vosk, J.P. Hartmann, Jim Caruso and hubby Billy Ernst), and hilarious rants about being 'too cute.'

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