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John Patrick Hayden


Harry Brock (Jeff Still), Paul Verall (John Patrick Hayden) and Billie Dawn (Alexis Bronkovic)

Photo Flash: First Look at Guthrie Theatre's BORN YESTERDAY
Escape the holiday madness and plan a date night to see BORN YESTERDAY, a deliciously witty, screwball comedy about a corrupt businessman trying to get ahead. Harry Brock, a junk-dealer millionaire on the rise, hunkers down in a lavishly decorated hotel room in Washington with his brassy chorus girl girlfriend Billie Dawn in tow. Hoping to influence a senator in some personal business dealings, he soon gets advice suggesting that the seemingly dim-witted blonde will need a little polish to get ahead in D.C. society. Brock hires a newspaperman for the task but gets more than he bargained for when, in a deliriously funny and romantic turn of events, he discovers a little bit of learning can be a dangerous thing. Check out a first look below!

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