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Becky Saunders


Becky Saunders and Sean Galuszka

Photo Flash: First Look at Sierra Rep's SIX DANCE LESSONS IN SIX WEEKS
When dance teacher Michael Minetti first meets his elderly student Lily Harrison in her Florida-coast high rise, it seems pretty clear these two will barely make it past 'Hello,' let alone their first full lesson. Besides their 30-year age difference, they clash at every turn. A former teacher and minister's wife, she's guarded, uptight and suspicious. A former Broadway dancer, he blurts out jokes and insults and swings from glib to desperate to nonchalant in 10 seconds flat. It's fun to watch, but how will they make it through a six-week dance course? That's the hilarious and touching journey that unfolds in Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, a new comedy currently playing at Sierra Rep's East Sonora Theatre stage. Scroll down for a first look at the actors in action!

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