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Dave Grohl


Dave Grohl

SXSW Keynote Speaker Dave Grohl
As the week continues at SXSW, Dave Grohl, best known for being in the Foo Fighters and Nirvana spoke to the audience with excitement and enthusiasm. There were many moments where Grohl reminiced about his youth and what led him to where he is today. He spoke of the highlights of looking for a place to fit in and to enjoy the music he loved so much. He spoke of his days with Nirvana and the magic that happened between the group as they practiced for hours and hours and hours in an old barn. And he spoke of how he lost a large part of himself when Kurt Cobain died. He said he didn't even want to listen to the radio anymore. But, as he picked up the pieces, he began to try new things and created the Foo Fighters playing all the instruments, recording all the voices and sharing the tapes with a few people. He called it his healing time. But, that is where the Foo Fighters were born and he carried on.

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