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Sam Jones III and Alex That

Photo Flash: Romi Dames Shops for Ksino Clothes in Vegas
Romi Dames' background may be in theater and sketch comedy, but she is perhaps best known by fans for her role of the nasal-voiced super snobby socialite, Traci Van Horn, on Disney's hit series 'Hannah Montana.' As the last season of the show comes to an end, Romi has plenty on the horizon to keep her busy as she prepares for a new film, tentatively titled 'Child POW,' and seems to be following in the tracks of other celebrated colleagues as a potential product spokesperson. Romi was just seen with fellow actor Sam L. Jones III, best known for playing Pete Ross on the first three seasons of the television series 'Smallville,' in Las Vegas this week at the Magic Tradeshow and on 'The Morning Blend' ( with fashion guru Alex That sporting and spoking his latest line Ksino clothes. A new line, known for its men's wear, proudly announcing plans to release styles for women.

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