David Spencer, Michael Lindner, Laura Fitzpatrick, and Lara Thew

Photo Flash: [title of show] Receives Australian Premiere, 5/3
[title of show] is a musical about two guys named Jeff and Hunter by two nobodies named Jeff and Hunter.In 2004, the real Jeff and Hunter decided to enter the inaugural New York Music Theatre Festival (NYMF). The problem was, they didn't have a musical. With a deadline set, three weeks later they entered [title of show], named after the first line in the festival application form. Following its debut at NYMF, [title of show] enjoyed an acclaimed run at the Vineyard Theater Off-Broadway in 2006, and the release of an Original Cast Album that same year. They fulfilled their Broadway aspirations July 2008, where [title of show] ran for over 100 performances starring the writers themselves. The Magnormos season is the first production outside of the USA.

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