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Jennifer Edwards


Jennifer Edwards (as Diana), Jeff Schlotman (as Saunders), Elizabeth Morris (as Maggie) and Dana Laite (as Max)

Photo Flash: Armonk Players Present 'Lend Me A Tenor'
Lend Me A Tenor is a door-slamming, dress-dropping farce with mistaken identities, mischievous misunderstandings, compromising positions and hilarious situations. It is set in 1934 at the Cleveland Opera Company, where everyone is going wild over the impending visit of world-famous tenor Tito Merelli. But the tenor takes too many tranquilizers, leaving the promoter and his assistant to assess that Merelli is dead. The assistant decides to impersonate Merelli, but the star awakens and stumbles out of his hotel room, leaving too many tenors afoot.

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