Ann Harada

Date Of Birth:
February 03, 1964 (55)
Birth Place:
Honolulu, HI, USA

@annharada - 2/15/19 03:14pm I cannot with this. I held it together for days but not any more.

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Date of Birth: February 03, 1964 (55)
Birth Place: Honolulu, HI, USA
Gender: Female


Ann Harada, Stephen Bruce, Marla Mindelle

Photo Coverage: Marla Mindelle & Ann Harada Unveil CINDERELLA Glass Slipper Sundae
Earlier today, Cinderella stars Ann Harada and Marla Mindelle unveiled the Cindrella Sundae at Serendipity3 (225 East 60th St). The treat is a life-sized 'glass slipper' made of glittering white chocolate filled with 3 wickedly big scoops of ice cream covered in chocolate and caramel sauce for dreamers and ice creamers of all ages. It's topped off with a delightfully romantic cloud of whipped cream and beautifully colored rock candy that is the finest in all of the kingdom, candy pearls and a life-sized tiara and a Cinderella Mirror Compact complete the royal treatment for the sundae based on the musical that's impossible to resist. BroadwayWorld was there for the unveiling and you can check out photo coverage below!

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