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Carolyn Seiff


Carolyn Seiff, Grant Morenz and Allan Mirchin

Photo Flash: Negro Ensemble's CABARET EMIGRE, Opening at Theatre Row, 11/2
The Negro Ensemble's "Cabaret √Čmigre," a stageplay by Sophia Romma, will make its debut on November 2 at 8 pm at the Lion Theater in NYC's theater district. A satirical story about emigrants who have traveled to the U.S. throughout the 1900s, the play spotlights a Russian Jew, African, Latino, German and various other emigres who made this difficult travel in pursuit of the American Dream. The show makes the audience question: Did they achieve this dream? Was it worth it? And, just in time for New Yorkers to decide which president will help them to achieve their goals in the upcoming years. The show runs through Sunday, November 18.

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