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Vicki Lawrence


Vicki Lawrence

Photo Flash: First Look at VICKI LAWRENCE AND MAMA at the Spencer Theater
She's a snappy old battleaxe, outspoken, bossy and irreverent. But, without question, that blue-haired Mama is so very rational-and funny. Comedian Vicki Lawrence's brilliant alter ego "Mama" Thelma Harper is back, eager to share her observations about political happenings, cultural trends and domestic struggles with the same spit and vinegar that won hearts across the land. Lawrence, an Emmy Award-winning actress, will also be on hand, dispensing her savvy humor and performance memories from her cherished time on The Carol Burnett Show (1967-1978) and in her own spin-off series, "Mama's Family" (1983-1990). BroadwayWorld has a first look at the production photos below.

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