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Ross Bautsch


Pictured L-R are Bud (Ross Bautsch), Zetta (Tamara Siler), and Coke (David Wald).

BWW Reviews: DOG ACT - Intriguing Intellectual Fare
ain Street Theater's regional premiere production of Liz Duffy Adams' DOG ACT is a dark and challenging show that is fantastically moving and altogether enjoyable. Skillfully directed by Andrew Ruthven, DOG ACT tells the tale of Rozetta "Zeta" Stone and Dog, traveling vaudevillians, as they journey across a barren, post-apocalyptic United States in search of passage to China. Along the way, they encounter and team up with Vera Similitude and Jo-Jo, an enigmatic duo that vacillate between being helpful and deviously sinister. The piece really comes together in the second act, when the cast rehearses their vaudeville act, showcasing the play within a play that fully discloses the parable-esque themes of both the framing narrative and the vaudevillian act that the characters perform.

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