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Spencer Day



Spencer Day

Photo Coverage: The 30th New York Cabaret Convention Concludes at Rose Theater
Cabaret lovers will have many memories from the Mabel Mercer Foundation's 2019 New York Cabaret Convention. Attendees to all four of the presentations at Rose Theater will no doubt have their favorite music moments from the performances of the more than 75 cabaret artists. However, perhaps the most enduring remembrance will be the remarkable organizational abilities and intelligence of the foundations artistic director, it's face (and hat) of the convention… KT Sullivan. Just imagine how difficult it must be to satisfy the requirements of 75 singers, make their moment in the spotlight as successful as it can be, and cope with the egos that are a necessary part of every performers DNA. All the while fulfilling the sophisticated and knowledgeable audience's expectations of a great show. There were many highs and “almost highs” during the 12 hours of music, and that's what makes it so exciting. Every artist brings their own unique talent to the stage.

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