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Sondra Lee


KT Sullivan & Sondra Lee

Photo Coverage: Judy Garland Celebrated at New York Cabaret Convention
The third night of the Mabel Mercer Foundation's New York Cabaret Convention hosted by Judy Garland expert John Fricke and actor, singer, humorist Klea Blackhurst had many noteworthy performances during it's three hours last night at Rose Theater. However, the most touching and dramatic Judy Garland minute was not musical. It happened when Sidney Myer a New York City Cabaret superstar related a story from his youth. It seems that Sidney survived the stress of the 50's and 60's of being “different” in the all boy New Jersey Prep School he attended (which Sidney recalled was populated by boys who specialized in terrorism) by focusing on his love of music and his worship of Judy Garland. He described to a spellbound Convention audience of being brought to a Judy Garland concert by his parents, he had his sign “ We Love Judy” in hand and with thousands cheering her as she walked down the aisle in a twist of fate he accidentally came face to face with her. Judy shook his hand and he managed to get out a “thank you” even though he had rehearsed a speech for years if this kind of moment ever happened. . There wasn't a dry eye in the house after his story. The evening had many humorous and emotional moments as Emmy Award winning host John Fricke, who is considered the preeminent Judy Garland and Wizard of Oz authority related many stories about Garland. Klea Blackhurst is probably one of the most effective and beloved Convention hosts and she used her wit and music to make it as always one of the most enjoyable of Convention nights.

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