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Stephen Sorokoff


Stephen Sorokoff & Jan McArt

BWW Review/Photos: Nashville's Kellye Cash Headlines Cabaret Show at The Wick Theatre
Jay Van Vechten, retired NYC PR man and Chairman of the American Disabilities Foundation, Inc. celebrated his 75th birthday last night as only a former President of one of the top three PR networks in the world could. He put on a superlative Cabaret Show! It took place at the beautiful state of the art Wick Theatre in Boca Raton. The evening was headlined by Country Music royalty Nashvilles's Kellye Cash a former Miss America and niece of Johnny Cash. The exciting evening was directed by Jay Van Dyke. It's probably in the genes, Kellye Cash is a first rate country singer with a captivating personality, one of those type of performers that an audience instantly falls in love with.

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