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Gunhild Carling, Steve Doyle, Danile Glass

BWW Review: Serious Fun And Serious Music With Gunhild Carling At Birdland Theater
There was a television show in the 1950's called β€œWhat's My Line”. The celebrity panelists had to guess what job a person did by asking them investigative questions. I dare say if Gunhild Carling was a guest on a show her occupation could not be ascertained. Who could imagine a musician that can play 20 instruments, sings, tap dances, is capable of physical frolicking and is a master at all of them. As she started her first number I began thinking is this a karaoke singer who had an extra drink before taking the Mic? but then quickly realized that Gunhild Carling is a superb jazz musician who's technique is reminiscent of the 20's 30's hot swing style. Her vocals have an amorous swing to them and it doesn't hurt that she has a kind of nostalgic glamorous appearance that so fits her persona. At one point in her show she had most of the audience following her around the Birdland Theater as she played The Saints Go Marching In.

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