Martha Graham

Date Of Birth:
May 11, 1894
Date Of Death:
April 01, 1991 (96)
Birth Place:
Allegheny, PA, USA
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Date of Birth: May 11, 1894
Date of Death: April 01, 1991 (96)

Birth Place: Allegheny, PA, USA


Lorenzo Pagana and Mariza Memolli in Martha Graham's El Penitente. Photo by Melissa Sherwoood.

BWW Review: MARTHA GRAHAM DANCE COMPANY Demonstrates Timeless Innovation Across Eras at The JOYCE in April
What has not been said or proclaimed about the majesty and mastery of Martha Graham, her company and her legacy? She revolutionized the way that dance was created and experienced by re-shaping how movement was expressed and performed in the 20th century that has, in turn, inspired and laid the foundation for the dancers and choreographers of today. A sculptor of bodies and painter of gestures, Graham contrasted sharp angles with fluid movements and molded her dancers into statuesque and broken shapes, more akin to Pablo Picasso's repositioning of beauty standards and body parts than her dance peers' styles. Never before or after Graham have knees been so enchanting. To encounter the work of Martha Graham is to understand the capacity of the human form in motion and appreciate the splendor of every sinew.

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