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Henry Kissinger


Michael Bloomberg, Henry Kissinger, Steve Tyrell

Photo Coverage: Michael Bloomberg & Henry Kissinger Swing Along With Steve Tyrell Opening Night at Cafe Carlyle
They may not be on the same page politically at all times, but Mike & Henry were at the same table in agreement about Steve Tyrell last night at Cafe Carlyle. In fact, when the votes were counted after the show, Steve Tyrell was a winner by a landslide in his 14th term as Cafe Carlyle super star (after taking over from Bobby Short in 2005). Steve's voice is not only a favorite in all corners of the USA, it's also been a favorite of some of the most important dignitaries of our generation. Bill and Hillary Clinton came to see Steve perform on one of her first nights out after the 2016 election. He has played for Presidents Bush and Trump. Tyrell has performed on stages all over the world, entertaining the likes of President Santos of Columbia, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, as well as Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

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