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Allison Cain


Linsey Falls as Professor de Worms/Friday, Marsha Harman as The Secretary/Monday, Allison Cain as Sunday, Corrbette Pasko as The Marquis de St. Eustache/Wednesday, Christopher M. Walsh as Gogol/Tuesday, Jen Ellison as Dr. Bull/Saturday, and Eduardo Xavie

Photo Flash: Lifeline Theatre Presents THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY
Lifeline Theatre ensemble member Christopher Walsh (Gogol/Tuesday); with guest artists Allison Cain (Sunday), Eduardo Xavier Curley-Carrillo (Gabriel Syme), Jen Ellison (Dr. Bull/Saturday), Linsey Falls (Professor de Worms/Friday), Sonia Goldberg (Familiar #2), Cory Hardin (Lucian Gregory), Marsha Harman (The Secretary/Monday), Oly Oxinfry (Familiar #1), Corbette Pasko (The Marquis de St. Eustache/Wednesday). With understudies David Gordezky and Sarah Scanlon.

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