The Contortionists of Circus Abyssinia at New Victory Theatre.

BWW Review: CIRCUS ABYSSINIA Ethiopian Dreams Come True in NYC
When one thinks of Ethiopian imports, coffee and extraordinary runners might grace the top of the list but circus artists aren't usually associated with the sovereign African nation. However, with Circus Abyssinia - an all-Ethiopian contemporary circus company, the brainchild and heart project of a pair of brothers, Mehari 'Bibi' Tesfamariam and Binyam 'Bichu' Tesfamariam, who are both talented jugglers and global arts entrepreneurs - the world might start to see Ethiopia in a different light. The siblings' journey to fulfill their dreams reads more like a fairytale or Cinderella story, where the heroes persevere and make magic happen with their unshakable willpower and determination, though not despite many struggles and frustrations on their way to fulfilling their dreams.

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