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Royston Scott


Royston Scott, Tony Stinkmetal and Justin Law from the Cast of 'Tony Stinkmetal's SlashR'

Photo Coverage: Meet the Cast of Tony Stinkmetal's SLASHR
SlashR is a taught and sexy thriller set in the traumatized New York of November 2016. What starts as a mundane murder investigation (of a young man prone to using dating apps) soon exposes a conspiracy for world domination skewering the entire two-party system, celebrity worship and the tendency for the US to find the shallowest and easiest solutions. In the course of the investigation, Detective Oakley comes up against evil PACs, a manipulative media, and serial killers. With the help of an outlaw hacker named Reeta and her mid-to-low-tech comrade The Exterminator, Oakley uncovers a connection between The Great Bed Bug Panic of 2010, the 2016 election, the worldwide spread of fascism and the scary clowns.

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