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Ken Denison


Sarah Parnicky, Bill Castellino (Director), Peter Saide, Conor Ryan, Pat Addoss, Ken Denison, Mary Cossette, Lauren Molina, David Friedman and Gary Marachek

Photo Coverage: DESPERATE MEASURES Takes Opening Night Bows Off-Broadway!
Desperate Measures is a hilarious new musical that tells the tale of Johnny Blood, a handsome young man whose life is in danger over a saloon brawl. Set in the early 1890's, Johnny must put his fate into the hands of a colorful cast of characters including a wily sheriff, an eccentric priest, a authoritarian governor, a saloon girl gone good, and a nun out of the habit- as they all struggle to decide Johnny's fate. Laws are broken and hearts are won as they try to find justice in a world that often doesn't seem just. Sound familiar?

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