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Jeff Hodge


Jason Quinn, Emma Sacchetti, Sherry Romanzi, Shannon Hartman, Jeff Hodge, Richie Whitehead, Aaron Blanck, Sarah Leach, Jennifer Mischley, and Brian Kozak in THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE OR, THE SLAVE OF DU

Photo Flash: First Look at THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE OR, THE SLAVE OF DUTY At Wilbury Group
This subversive, loopy, and fantastically eccentric take-think banjos, beach balls, and guitars-on Gilbert and Sullivan's preposterous musical took audiences in Chicago by storm when presented by rebel theatre-makers The Hipocrites. Frederic was mistakenly apprenticed as a young boy to a band of sentimental pirates. Now 21, he falls head-over-heels for the Major-General's daughter and forswears the buccaneer's life forever, or so he thinks. This buoyant, award-winning Pirates of Penzance by Sean Graney and Kevin O'Donnell and featuring just 12 actors (who also serve as the orchestra) is an irrevent and fresh homage to a world turned upside-down for Gilbert and Sullivan diehard fans and newcomers alike.

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