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Megan DeLay


Rosie Ramos, Megan DeLay

Photo Flash: Promethean Theatre Ensemble's 12th Season Opens with Jose Rivera's MARISOL
Promethean Theatre Ensemble's twelfth season will open in October with Jose Rivera's MARISOL an absurdist comedy in which a young New York City woman of Puerto Rican descent finds herself immersed in a battle led by angels to save the universe from a senile and ineffectual God. Marisol Perez is a copy editor for a Manhattan publisher. Though she is a white-collar worker, she still chooses to live alone in the tough section of the Bronx where she grew up. The play opens with Marisol barely escaping a vicious attack on her subway trip back to the Bronx. Later that evening, Marisol's guardian angel pays a visit to tell her she can no longer serve as Marisol's protector because she has been called to join the revolution already in progress against an old and senile God who is dying and 'taking the rest of the universe with him.' The angel warns Marisol that she will face many threats over the coming days and advises her to be prepared to defend herself. Soon, Marisol is caught up in the Armageddon being fought on the streets of New York City.

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