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Morgan Assante


Birth Place: New Jersey

Haley Swindal, Morgan Assante, Michael Mott, Josh Tolle, Brent Frederick

Photo Coverage: Michael Mott & Friends Play The Astor Room
In the 1920's Hollywood's counterpart was the Kaufman Astoria Studios.  The historic movie studio produced silent films as well as the first 'talkies'.  The Astor Room which sits 'Below' the sound stages was the original studio commissary and it has been lovingly preserved in all it's glory…. complete with the same Mason & Hamlin 1923 Grand Piano used by the musicians of the day.  Where Rudolph Valentino dined with other silent film stars, studio executives, and extras you now enjoy a great meal while being entertained every Wednesday by host Michael Mott and his group of talented friends.  This weeks guest vocalists were Morgan Assante (Les Miserables), Josh Tolle (Kinky Boots), and Haley Swindal ) Jekyll & Hyde).  Composer, Lyricist, singer Michael Mott is a bit like Astoria's answer to Seth Rudtsky and it's one of the few places where prices are probably lower than in the 1920's.  There's no cover or minimum.  Seeing new talent in this historic setting is like going back to the future. 

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