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Linedy Genoa


Lynn Pinto and Andros Rodriguez with the cast-David Baida, Doreen Montalvo, Angelica Beliard, Alma Cuervo, Ana Villafane, Eric Ulloa, Linedy Genoa, Nina Lafarge, Henry Gainza, Brett Sturgis and Genny Lis Padilla

Exclusive Photo Coverage: ON YOUR FEET Sings a Gloria Estefan Classic for Carols For A Cure
The holiday season is not complete without the perfect music to accompany it. 'Broadway's Carols for a Cure' is the latest compilation album that embodies the spirit of the season like nothing else can. A project born completely out of love, 'Broadway's Carols for a Cure' pairs the casts from famous Broadway musicals with songs that are both classic and new. The result is pure gold that will make you reach for the 'repeat' button over and over again.

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