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@Bob___Wilson - 6/19/18 10:16am Go see THE HAT MAKES THE MAN at the Max Ernst Museum Brhl des LVR. Up until August 26. Only 10 minutes by train fr https://

@Bob___Wilson - 6/4/18 11:29am Robert Wilson is looking for a Personal Assistant (July 2018 through August 2019). More details here: https://

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Robert Wilsonphoto by Rob Rich/ © 2016 516-676-3939

The 23rd Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit & Auction FADA: HOUSE OF MADNESS
The Byrd Hoffman Water Mill Foundation celebrated its 23rd Annual Summer Benefit & Auction, a one-of-a-kind evening bringing together over 1,000 guests from the worlds of theater, art, performance, fashion, design, and society at The Watermill Center on Saturday, July 30. The event, entitled FADA: HOUSE OF MADNESS, featured new works by Watermill's International Summer Program participants that came from over 25 countries to create installations and performances throughout the eight and-a-half acre grounds. This year, The Watermill Center honored Madame Giancarla Berti.

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