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Christien Pedi, Michael Riedel, Paxton Whitehead, James Prendergast, Rory O'Malley, Andrew Weems, James Ludwig, Victor Slezak, Tim Jerome, Bill Army, Marc Vietor, Ariel Estrada, Lauren Molina, Julie Halston Jack Gilpin and Jay O. Sanders

Photo Coverage: Lauren Molina, Rory O'Malley & More Star in Project Shaw's GENEVA
Gingold Theatrical Group's PROJECT SHAW, under the leadership of Artistic Director David Staller, continued its 11th Season with George Bernard Shaw's GENEVA. Written and first produced in 1938, Geneva is a wildly satirical political comedy. In it, a German Jew arrives in Geneva demanding a summit meeting designed to contain the increasingly dangerous behavior of three dictators, Herr Battler, Signor Bombardone, and General Flanco (parodies of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco). The three are brought before the International Criminal Court of the League of Nations to justify their atrocities.

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