R. Michael Clinkscales playing Norman in THE BOYS NEXT DOOR

BWW Review: THE BOYS NEXT DOOR Delights Austin
Given the politically correct societal norms of the current day, it is refreshing to see Tom Griffin's THE BOYS NEXT DOOR come to life. Making their directorial debut during The City Theatre's 10th anniversary season, co-directors Lacey Cannon Gonzales and husband Carl Gonzales capture the highs and lows experienced by a collection of lively characters with intellectual disabilities. The love between this group of misfits is unseen by most audiences. With the honesty presented regarding the character's disabilities, one could potentially feel uncomfortable. No such feeling is present during this rendition. The care and love the company took in presenting this piece in a raw and honest way was highly impressive. By allowing us to peek into the lives of Arnold (Heath Thompson), Norman (R. Michael Clinkscales), Lucien (McArthur Moore) and Barry (Tony Salinas), the characters impediments bring a roller coaster of heart-warming laughter and heart-breaking sighs, letting you laugh without guilt, and cry without pity.

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