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Carol Vaness (Judge), Rebecca Davis (Finalist) , Peter Kazaras (Judge), Elaine Alvarez (Spanish Prize), Matthew Epstein (Chairman - Voice), Aundi Marie Moore (People's Choice), David Daniels (Judge), Donelle Dadigan (Co-Founder and President), Marilyn Hor

Photo Flash: Jose Iturbi Foundation Music Competition
If there were an International Idol ... The José Iturbi International Music Competition would be it. José Iturbi was recognized as the world's greatest classical pianist during the 1930's - 1970's. He appeared in several Hollywood films of the 1940s, notably playing himself in the 1943 musical, Thousands Cheer and in the 1945 film, Anchors Aweigh. He worked with legendary talents including Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Cornel Wilde, and many more. Today, the name José Iturbi has a legacy that still lives through The José Iturbi International Music Competition. It is appropriate that one of the most sought after awards by those who have devoted their lives to music, be dedicated to this remarkable man.

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