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@cggleim - 6/10/17 12:15am It's a warm Fri night & my neighbors are NOT on their stoop with a giant speaker blaring music for all to hear. I'm almost a little worried.

@cggleim - 1/21/17 12:14pm .@kittykind -- one of your rescue cats just had his TENTH birthday!!! Thank you for holding him until we could findů https://

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Kaitlyn Frank, Chris Gleim and Sara Stevens

Photo Flash: Sneak Peek at NYMF's WHAT DO CRITICS KNOW?
The New York Musical Theatre Festival and MWG Productions, LLC are pleased to announce casting for WHAT DO CRITICS KNOW?, a new musical with music and lyrics by James Campodonico and Matthew Gurren a book by Matthew Gurren and direction by Michael Bello. The company includes Chris Gleim, Sarah Stevens, Mary Mossberg, Danny Bolero, Kimberly Doreen Burns, Ryan Knowles, Bruce Rebold, Jason Fleck, Prescott Seymour, Kaitlyn Frank, Lindsay Bayer, Sean Bell and Danny Harris Kornfeld. Scroll down for a peek at the cast in their preview concert below!

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